Could you be our next hero?

Europol and ENFAST reveal updated 2023 EU Most Wanted list

The European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST), supported by Europol, is launching the 2023 EU Most Wanted campaign to seek help finding fugitives across Europe. The list of criminals has just been updated and this year’s campaign seeks to increase public awareness about fugitives wanted for serious crimes.

Over 50 most wanted criminals newly uploaded to the website

This year’s campaign sees a fresh batch of wanted criminals uploaded to the website. Over 50 profiles of fugitives linked to serious crimes have been uploaded to the website this year. Some of the crimes committed by fugitives highlighted in this year’s list include murder, trafficking in human beings, armed robbery and cybercrime amongst other offences.

Europol’s Executive Director, Catherine De Bolle, said:

“Collaboration across EU countries and with EU citizens is crucial when trying to find wanted fugitives. These criminals escape from country to country and repeatedly try to evade law enforcement authorities. By quickly browsing our EU Most Wanted list website, you could help save potential victims. Check the website and help us find them. Be our next hero.”

Could you be our next hero?

ENFAST and Europol are asking EU citizens to visit the website and view images of these fugitives to check if they recognise any of them. The theme for this year’s campaign is that citizens can step into the story and be superheroes too. This year, the campaign will be present at the Dutch Heroes Comic Con in Utrecht on Saturday 18 November. All you have to do is check the EU Most Wanted list website, keep your eyes peeled and submit tips anonymously via the website.

How the website works

When you send an anonymous tip via the website, you will reach the ENFAST community. ENFAST is the European network of police officers within national fugitive teams, available 24/7 who can immediately undertake action to locate and arrest fugitives when necessary. The members of ENFAST are all specialised in locating criminals on the run who are suspected, or have been convicted, of serious crimes and are subjects of European Arrest Warrants.

EU Most Wanted list gets results

The EU Most Wanted list has achieved significant success in the past with a number of anonymous tips leading to actual arrests. The EU’s Most Wanted was launched by the ENFAST community in January 2016 with the full support of Europol. Since then:

  • 408 profiles of fugitives have been listed on the website;
  • 146 fugitives have been arrested;
  • 50 arrests came as a direct result of a fugitive profile being published on the website;
  • 21 cases successfully solved since the launch of last year’s campaign in September 2022.

This year’s campaign will also appear across social media and there will be a call to action in all EU languages to reach as wide an audience as possible.


ENFAST aims to increase security within the EU by successfully tracing and arresting internationally wanted criminals who have committed serious crimes. The evolving nature of cross-border crime has prompted national police forces in EU Member States to combine forces and use their expertise to ensure that it is impossible for dangerous criminals to flee and escape punishment.

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