Police officer

Working for the Police is more than just a job: it is an opportunity and a commitment to helping people and playing a part in upholding the country's internal security. 

Most police officers start their career in a police department or in a Surveillance and operational support unit (Unité de garde et d'appui opérationnel - UGAO). As an officer in a police department, you are in direct contact with people in distress and your job is to take urgent action to help them. You actively contribute to preventing and prosecuting crime.

Over the years, as society has evolved and the Police have taken on new tasks, the role of the police officer has become much more professional and diverse, and new specialist units have been created. Police Luxembourg therefore has several national units such as the Criminal investigation department, Airport police unit, Traffic police unit, Air support, Special police unit and specific services like the dog-handling (K9 unit). These career paths are open to all police officers at career levels B1, C1 and C2. Click here for more information and specific examples of specialist fields open to police officers!

The work of police officers is supervised by "cadres supérieurs" who coordinate the work and manage units or teams according to their different areas of expertise. 

Well mir gebraucht ginn, brauche mir dech. Komm och du bei d'Police!

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