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The mobile app (iOS and Android) of the Luxembourg Police is available for iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play) and Huawei (App Gallery) and can be used in 4 languages: LU, FR, DE, EN. 


The application is free of charge and allows users to benefit from a number of services.

In addition to providing police information (news, calls for witnesses, prevention messages, job vacancies, and more), the mobile application allows the Police to inform users directly and quickly in the event of a crisis thanks to the push notifications, and also to solicit the support of the population in the event of the disappearance of a person or the search for a suspected perpetrator, for example.

The "My Safe" function allows users to store key data (photos, bills, etc.) of their valuables in one place. In the event of an unexpected theft, the user has all the data at hand, which can be easily transmitted via e-mail to a police officer when filing a complaint. No unnecessary time is wasted and the work of the police officers is facilitated by a more complete file. All the data thus recorded in the mobile application are only available to the Police once the user has transferred them. For the rest, they are only visible to the owner of the smartphone, who of course has the possibility to edit or delete the entries.

The "E-Call" function allows users to contact the National Intervention Centre 113. The advantage of this is that the caller can be geo-locatable by the 113 operator.

The "Chat" function allows users to send a text message to 113 when the caller is unable to speak on the phone.

The mobile application also allows users to find the nearest police station, includes traffic information and provides access to the e-Police station

The different features of the mobile app of the Police

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