"Mobbing", or psychological harassment, is abusive conduct that seeks to undermine an individual's living and/or working conditions through repeated or systematic gestures, speech, behaviours and attitudes.

Mobbing can cause mental or physical disorders jeopardising the victim's health.

How should you respond in this type of situation?

  • Do not allow yourself to be provoked, and ignore verbal abuse.
  • Do not respond to the provocation from the person facing you, and avoid condescending or arrogant gestures or words.
  • Try to appear as calm and relaxed as possible.
  • Do not seek confrontation.
  • In critical situations, shout for attention.
  • Confide in someone you trust.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the Police and arrange an appointment at a police station of your choice.

Cyber-mobbing, or cyber-harassment, or cyber-bullying, is a form of psychological harassment that takes place over the Internet and by mobile phone. It refers to intentional insults, threats, ridicule or harassment aimed at other people using online or telephony services over an extended period.

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