Civilian careers: opportunities at every level

In addition to police officers, the Police also employ numerous civilians who work in a wide variety of areas.

Currently, we have around 570 civilian employees in our ranks. They carry out support tasks and, to a certain extent, police tasks that require very specific skills.

Examples include civilian investigators, biologists who work for the criminal investigation department, IT specialists, office secretaries, administrative staff, mechanics and craftsmen, as well as psychologists, business experts and jurists.

Recruitment procedure

Access to the various civilian careers depends on the required educational qualifications and the specific field (Master's, Bachelor's, secondary education, technician, DAP...).

Vacancies and conditions are regularly published under Recruitment > Job advertisements and on the GovJobs portal. The recruitment procedure for civilian police personnel is the same as for all other civilian positions at the government (entry requirements and recruitment procedure for admission to the civil service). Applications are made via the MyGuichet platform and are recorded centrally by the Centre for Human Resources Management and Organisation of the State (CGPO).


The Police recruits civilian staff in all status and salary categories of the Government. Civilian recruitment can be as a civil servant, state employee or employee. The requirements for admission to a pay grade may vary depending on the career path.

Salary group A1 (Master's degree or equivalent): e.g. engineer, computer scientist, economist, jurist, psychologist, communications expert, etc.

Salary group A2 (Bachelor's degree or equivalent): e.g. computer scientist, project manager, graphic designer...

Salary group B1 (secondary school diploma or equivalent): e.g. administrative specialist, secretary, technician...

Salary group C1 (5 years of secondary school or DAP or equivalent): e.g. administrative assistant, receptionist, calltaker, mechanic, electrician...

Salary group D1 (3 years of secondary school or equivalent): e.g. mechatronics technician, carpenter...

Examples of possible areas

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