Civilian careers: opportunities at every level

Alongside the police officers, the Police also employ many civilians, who work in a wide variety of areas.

We currently have around 570 civilian colleagues working within our ranks. They serve in support roles, and in some cases perform police tasks requiring very specific skills.

For example, there are civilian investigators and biologists working in the Forensic science unit, as well as IT specialists, office secretaries, records managers, administrative staff, mechanics and workmen, psychologists, economists and lawyers.

Recruitment procedure

Access to the different civilian careers varies according to the academic qualifications required and the specific field in question (master's degree, bachelor's degree, secondary education, technician's qualification, degree of professional ability (DAP), etc.).

Vacancies and conditions for recruitment are published regularly under Recruitment > job adverts and also on the GovJobs portal. The recruitment procedure for civilian Police personnel is the same as for other State civil service jobs (Conditions of admission and recruitment procedures for the State civil service). Applications are made via the MyGuichet platform and are centralised by the State Centre for Human Resources and Organisation Management (Centre de gestion et de l'organisation de l'Etat - CGPO).


The Police recruits civilian personnel with all statuses and at all State career levels. Here is an overview of the different career levels with examples of jobs:

Career level A1:
  • Master's degree or equivalent
  • e.g.: Engineer, IT specialist, economist, lawyer, psychologist, communcation specialist, etc.
Career level A2:
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • IT specialist, project manager, computer graphics technician, etc.
Career level B1:
  • Secondary school leaving diploma or equivalent
  • Administrative officer, secretary, technician, etc.
Career level C1:
  • 5 years of secondary education or degree of professional ability (DAP) or equivalent
  • Administrative officer, receptionist, calltaker, mechanic, electrician, etc.
Career level D1:
  • 3 years of secondary education or equivalent
  • Mechatronics engineer, car body repairer, joiner, etc.

Civilians can be recruited as civil servants, State employees or salaried staff. Conditions for admission may vary within the same career level depending on the particular career.

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