Emergency number 113

opérateur cin parle au téléphone

In the event of an emergency or any danger or threat, call the free emergency number 113 immediately!

To ensure a fast and effective response, the calltaker will ask for:

  • your identity,
  • a description of the incident and its location,
  • a description of the people involved, if any.

To avoid any misunderstandings, the calltaker may also ask for your location if it is different to the scene of the incident. If you do not know where you are, your smartphone or a GPS system will be able to help.

Answer the calltaker's questions as accurately, clearly and fully as you can. The more information the caller can provide, the quicker and more effective the Police intervention will be.

Do not hang up and follow the calltaker's instructions. Even if it may seem the conversation is taking a long time, please be aware that in emergencies, it is quite possible a patrol has already been despatched to the scene of the incident.

You can also contact the National intervention centre (CIN) by SMS, using the "Silent Call" feature in the Police app.

113 – the emergency number of the Police

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