Burglary is a crime that can affect any of us and has a significant impact on the victim's feeling of safety, as well as that of the general population.

The Police National crime prevention service (Service national de la prévention de la criminalité - SNPC) deals with preventing burglaries. The members of this service are available to offer you free advice on all aspects of behavioural, mechanical and electronic prevention.

Good mechanical security on the house, an alarm system and personal vigilance all reduce the risk of being burgled.

By appointment, the SNPC will visit you to identify the vulnerable points in your home and offer personalised advice.

Police advice

  • Always close all doors and windows, including in the garage and basement, if you are out. Do not leave keys in locks.
  • Activate your alarm system, even for short absences.
  • Switch on lights in your home as night approaches.
  • Tell your neighbours if you are going away for a longer period.
  • Inform the Police when you go on holiday by registering with the free "Going on holiday" service.
  • Inform the Police about any suspicious individuals or cars that might be observing your street or neighbourhood.
Burglary prevention tips

Beware of burglaries from basements and garages.

In the last few months, the Police have seen a large rise in the number of burglaries from shared basements and garages in Luxembourg.

Consequently, these areas should not be neglected and residents should be vigilant.

To reduce the risk of falling victim to this type of burglary, we particularly recommend that you follow the advice below:  

  • Always lock the access to private basements and garages.
  • Do not keep valuable items in garages and basements.
  • Secure bicycles separately.
  • Do not leave the garage door open for longer than necessary, and when you close the garage door, wait until it is completely closed before leaving.
  • Think before you open the main entrance door to the building.
  • If you encounter people you do not know near your home and they seem suspicious, do not hesitate to challenge them and question their intentions.
  • Alert the Police immediately (emergency number 113) if you see anything suspicious.

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