Theft is one of the most common offences recorded by the Police. A distinction is made between shoplifting, pick-pocketing, robbery with violence, thefts of bicycles and other items, armed robbery, etc.

If you have been the victim of theft, contact the Police immediately. If possible, attract the attention of other people who might be present by shouting and waving your arms. Ask for their help. Try to remember the description of the perpetrator(s) as best you can.

  • If your mobile phone is stolen, inform your service provider.
  • If your wallet/purse and/or credit card is stolen: cancel your credit cards immediately by contacting SIX Payment Services (Europe) s.a., tel: (+352) 49 10 10.
  • If any other items are stolen: give the Police a detailed description of the item(s) stolen.

If you are the victim or witness of a theft:

  • Call out to other people individually to come and help.
  • Do not confront the perpetrator violently, but speak to them decisively and without hesitation.
  • Observe the perpetrator and remember key information so you can provide a description later.
  • Make yourself available to the Police so you can file a complaint or provide a witness statement.

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