The term "grooming" refers to a practice where an adult seeks to establish a relationship of trust with a minor, either anonymously or under a false identity, over a prolonged period (weeks or months), with a view to convincing them to perform acts of a sexual nature (online and offline).

The phenomenon of grooming has emerged alongside the rise of social media.

It is an offence punishable under Article 385-2 of the Luxembourg Criminal Code by imprisonment for between one and three years and a fine of between €251 to €50,000. The penalty increases to imprisonment for between one and five years and a fine of between €251 to €75,000 when the propositions have been followed by a meeting.

If you (or your child) have been the victim of grooming, it is important you contact the Police.

You can also complete this form on our website, so the competent authorities can investigate.

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