Police stations: how they work and what they do

policiers en uniforme devant voiture de police

The Police currently have 55 police stations and sites across 4 Police regions.

All the police stations perform all local policing roles, including handling emergencies, offering a reception desk and assistance for citizens, as well as neighbourhood policing and prevention duties.

Currently, 13 police stations operate 24/7.

The other police stations generally operate from 07.00-21.00 Monday to Friday (and at weekends, if needed) with the reception desk open from 13.00-15.00. Outside reception desk opening hours, the public can speak to a police officer whenever the station is staffed. If there is no-one at the station, police patrols can be contacted by mobile phone.

Members of the public are advised that in order to receive optimal service, they should arrange an appointment by telephone at the police station of their choice.

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