D'Police, dat si vill verschidde Beruffer am Déngscht vum Bierger.

Police Lëtzebuerg is one of the largest public bodies in the country and our officers are active in many different areas. Whether working in a police station, one of the specialised units or services, or handling complex enquiries: policing offers numerous possibilities to shape your career.

Alongside the police officers, we also have a number of civilian colleagues in our ranks. Depending on their profile, they work in different areas and careers, often as experts in specific roles or in administration.

Working for the Police is more than just a job: it is an opportunity and a commitment to helping people and playing a part in upholding the country's internal security.

Conditions for accessing the different positions vary according to the career path (police or civilian) and level of education.

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The police: many different professions serving the citizen.

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