Police services and units

policier du snot donne un portefeuille à une dame
National found property service (SNOT)
Book of taxed warnings
National Fines Department (SNAT)
Two police officers from the National Crime Prevention Service in the prevention exhibition showing different windows
National crime prevention service (SNPC)
wo police officers with a speed camera on the road
National road traffic & road safety service
Investigator in front of two screens
National analysis and coordination service (SNAC)
Police officer with his dog
K9 unit
Helicopter type Airbus H145M
Air support (SUPA)
Police van with members of the guard and operational support unit
Surveillance and operational support unit (UGAO)
Members of the special police unit approaching with weapons
Special police unit (USP)
Police officer on his motorbike
Traffic police (UPR & SRPR)
A police officer talks to a merchant on a market
Regional special police service (SRPS)
Police officer talking with a woman inside the airport
Airport police unit (UPA)
Room in the police school with a student
Police school
Police officer of the e-Police Station in front of a screen
e-Police Station
Police officer with camera taking photos inside a building
Criminal investigation department (SPJ)

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