Victims of crime

  • Victim Support Service (Service d'Aide aux Victimes - SAV)
    Public Prosecutor's Office of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    The Central Social Assistance Service (Service Central d'Assistance Sociale - SCAS) is a service within the Public Prosecutor's Office and therefore forms part of the judicial administration department.

    Service mobile phone number: (+352) 621 32 65 95
    Service email:
    12-18 rue Joseph Junck (Plaza Liberty Building – Entrance A)
    L-1839 Luxembourg

  • Rape

    4 rue Marshall L-2181 Luxembourg
    Tel: (+352) 495 854

  • Child victims of violence

    8 rue Tony Bourg L-1278 Gasperich
    Tel: (+352) 261 848-1

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