Romance scam or love scam

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular. The risks associated with it are also growing, however, particularly owing to criminals who seek to build a relationship of trust in order to win over the victim and ask them for money. The scammers usually make contact with the victim through an online dating platform. Once they have managed to establish a relationship of trust, they convince the victim that they need money following an accident or other personal misfortune. After the money has been transferred, the contact disappears.

It is therefore not easy to protect yourself against such scams, although there are certain signs that may indicate an attempted scam, and some tips for avoiding them:

  • Do not let anyone make you feel guilty or under pressure, even if your contact seems plausible.
  • Avoid contacting strangers through online messaging services.
  • Be wary if your contact tells you they love you surprisingly quickly.
  • Be suspicious if your contact's webcam does not work.
  • If anyone asks you for money, do not let them talk you into it.

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