In terms of general road safety, it is essential that you, as a pedestrian, jogger or cyclist, be clearly visible to other road users, even from far away.

Pedestrians and children:

  • Wear light-coloured clothing or clothing with integrated reflective elements.
  • Use luminous or reflective items on your clothes, briefcases, bags and umbrella so that you are visible from all sides.
  • Wear a high visibility jacket or armband.
  • Walk facing oncoming traffic and always wear a high visibility jacket if walking along roads away from built-up areas.
  • Take account of the speed and distance of approaching vehicles. Make sure you have been seen by drivers before crossing the road.
  • Put a reflective collar on your dog.
  • Be aware that you do not have absolute priority on pedestrian crossings, so before stepping onto the crossing make sure you can do so safely.


  • Wear a cycling helmet and high visibility jacket.
  • Make sure your bike equipment is working properly (white or yellow front light, reflectors, red rear light).


  • Put your headlights on when the conditions require it.
  • Adapt your speed and signal your manoeuvres.
  • Be extra careful when there are vulnerable road users in the vicinity (e.g. at pedestrian crossings).
  • When you see a pedestrian, make sure they have seen you too.
  • Take into consideration the potential errors other road users may make.
  • Make sure your vehicle's windows and lights are clean and free of snow and frost.
  • Make sure your dipped beam headlights are working at all times.
  • Generally make sure sure your vehicle is in good working order, especially the windscreen wipers and washer.
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