Theft by deception

There are many types of theft by deception. Generally, thieves try to distract the victim to steal their valuables. In some cases, several thieves will be working together. As in other types of theft, the best way of protecting yourself is to make it harder for the thieves to operate. Here are some suggestions for ways to do that:

  • Always keep your bag closed.
  • Avoid showing your purse or wallet in public to prevent a thief stealing it or removing money out of it.
  • Be very wary of people collecting money or signatures in the street. This might just be a way of getting you to get your purse or wallet out.
  • Always keep an eye on your jacket and bags.
  • Never let strangers touch or hug you.
  • Avoid carrying your purse, wallet, mobile phone or other valuable items in your trouser pockets. These items are only really safe in the inside pockets of a jacket.

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