Bicycle theft

Every year hundreds of bikes are stolen in Luxembourg. Do not make it easy for thieves. Follow these tips:

  • Keep a record of all the details about your bike (frame number, make, model, serial number, colour, photos).
  • Make sure you secure your bike properly: it is important to chain your bike to a fixed point, an object anchored in the ground (fence, post, etc.) so that it cannot be removed and taken away.
  • Use a good padlock that forces the thief to put in more time and effort and use tools that will not go unnoticed.
  • If possible, lock several bikes together.
  • Avoid chaining your bike up in a deserted, concealed place.
  • Insure your bike.
  • Lock bikes away in a private cellar or garage, if possible.
  • You can save information about your bicycle as well as other valuables using the "My Safe" function in the Police mobile app. (This function replaces the coding of the bicycles).
Tips to prevent bicycle theft

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