Becoming a police officer at career level C2

Recruitment, entry requirements and training

Candidates at career level C2 are recruited after serving in the Luxembourg Army (after 3 years of national service).

Candidates for recruitment at career level C2 must:

  1. have Luxembourgish nationality;
  2. provide evidence of knowledge of the three administrative languages;
  3. have a clean criminal record;
  4. have a personal appearance in keeping with performing the duties and wearing the uniform (body modifications, such as scarification or incision, branding, stretching and tattoos, whether permanent or temporary, may not indicate membership of any political, trade union or confessional organisation or association, nor may they violate the duties of discretion, loyalty and exemplariness, especially where the body modifications are visible to the public);
  5. have completed:
    • either the "6e" class (2nd year) of classical secondary education;
    • or, in the advanced languages and mathematics stream, the "6e" guidance class (2nd year) or, in the general basic stream, the "5e" determination class (3rd year) of general secondary education;
    • or one year of initial vocational training leading to the degree of professional ability (diplôme d'aptitude professionnelle - DAP);
  6. Have completed by the start date of their training at the Police school (École de police - EP) at least 36 months of voluntary service in the Army;
  7. Have reached at least the rank of "soldat-chef".

Basic vocational training at the Police school for recruits at career level C2 lasts 12 months

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