Filing claims or complaints against the Police

Whom should I contact if I wish to file a claim against a police officer?

For filing a claim against a police officer, members of the public may contact:

  • the line manager of the unit to which the police officer in question is assigned.
  • the General Grand-Ducal Police Inspectorate (Inspection générale de la Police Grand-Ducale - IGP) directly (67-69 rue Verte, L-2667 Luxembourg), the main role of which is to oversee the operation of the Grand-Ducal Police.

When verifying the legitimacy, the IGP:

  1. processes complaints;
  2. conducts administrative investigations.

You can contact the IGP by post (B.P. 1202, L-1012 Luxembourg), by telephone (+352) 264 853-1 and by email (


  • Practical details and procedures online at

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