Walking team of the Grand-Ducal Police

Our training sessions covering a distance of around 20 km are held every second Wednesday in different locations around the Grand Duchy. Every year, the walking team takes part in the following competitive sporting events:

Event Distance
A.S.O.R.L. (Luxembourg association of non-commissioned reservist officers) international march in OESLING military tests and 25-km orientation course
"Internationaler Dreiländermarsch der Polizei Merzig" 3-country Police march in PERL/SCHENGEN 20-km rally
Military march in DIEKIRCH 2 x 40 km
European remembrance and friendship march (Marche Européenne du Souvenir et de l’Amitié » (M.E.S.A.) in the BELGIAN ARDENNES 4 x 32 km
"Internationale Vierdaagse Nijmegen" 4-day march in the Netherlands 4 x 50 km
Civilian and military march in FULDA, Germany 2 x 40 km


The flag

The new flag

In 2000, the walking team adopted a new flag to represent the Grand-Ducal Police Corps in sporting events abroad. The flag is carried at the head of the team in the opening processions at these events.

The flag

A.S.O.R.L. international march

Logo - AsorlIn January, the walking team took part in the international march organised by A.S.O.R.L. in Oesling.
Of the 60 military teams taking part, our teams regularly finish among the leaders. The competition comprises military exercises followed by a night-time orientation march of approx. 25 km.


Police march in Perl/Schengen

Since 2003, the German police have been organising the "Internationaler Dreiländermarsch der Polizei Merzig" in PERL/SCHENGEN in the 3-border area. This walking event attracts around 150 police officers from Germany, France and Luxembourg and covers a distance 20 km spanning the 3 border countries with tests of knowledge, agility and shooting.
The organisers welcome the participation of police departments from the border region and the walking team from the Grand-Ducal Police.

Group photo - Army March at Diekirch

The walking team in 2008 and 2011 at the Diekirch Army March

Diekirch Army March

The Army March is the first official walking event that the team takes part in at the start of the season

Anyone wishing to take on the Nijmegen march must first get through the 2 x 40 km test in the Diekirch region.


European remembrance and friendship march (Marche européenne de souvenir et de l'amitié - M.E.S.A.)

For a number of years, the team has been taking part in MESA which was set up in 1967 by the 3rd Chasseurs Ardennais de Vielsalm infantry regiment to commemorate the route of the battle sites of the Arlon – Martelange – Bastogne - Vielsalm line defended by the Chasseurs Ardennais in May 1940 with their motto "Résiste et mords" (Resist and bite back).

Currently organised by the 7th Mechanised Brigade of the Belgian Military at King Albert camp in Marche-en-Famenne, there are 4 physically challenging 32-km circular routes which are different each year. Past start- and end-locations include Sedan, Bouillon, Arlon, Rambrouch, Martelange, Bastogne, Houffalize, La Roche, Marche-en-Famenne and Vielsalm.

The walking team in the procession at the finish of the "Internationale Vierdaagse Nijmegen" march in the Netherlands
The walking team in the procession at the finish of the "Internationale Vierdaagse Nijmegen" march in the Netherlands

"Internationale Vierdaagse Nijmegen" march

With numbers limited to 45,000 by the organiser KNBLO, the Nijmegen civilian and military march is one of the largest sporting events in the world, known to walkers from all nations.
Organised for the first time in 1909 as a Dutch infantry march under the patronage of Queen Wilhelmina and held to the present day (interrupted only by the First and Second World Wars), the Nijmegen March covering 4 x 50 km is the pinnacle of the season for the walking team.

Medal Logo - 4 daagse (4 days)

Civilian and military walking event in Fulda

This walking event, which also features on the annual calendar of the IML - International Walking Association, alongside the Diekirch and Nijmegen marches, attracts around 7,000 civilian and military walkers.
The 2 x 40 km march in Fulda, Germany, ends the walking season for our team.

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