Traffic police

Agent de la police de route sur moto

The Traffic police services comprise a national traffic police unit (Unité de la police de la route - UPR) and 4 regional traffic police units (Services régionaux de la police de la route - SRPR).

The duties of the UPR include the following:

  • motorway police;
  • motorised escorts;
  • traffic control;
  • management of the automated control and penalty service processing centre (Service de contrôle et de sanction automatisés - SCSA);
  • road use information.

For policing motorways, the UPR provides:

  • traffic surveillance on the motorway network;
  • a permanent police intervention service on the motorway network;
  • writing of reports in the event of accidents on the motorway network.

For motorised escorts, the UPR provides:

  • escorts for the Grand-Ducal family and for State visits and other visits;
  • escorts for national and international cycle races;
  • escorts for abnormal loads.

For traffic control, the UPR's duties include:

  • controls on the motorway network;
  • traffic surveillance on the national road network together with the SRPR;
  • mobile radar checks;
  • special checks (transit, securing of loads, driving time, transport of dangerous goods, etc.).

The UPR also processes offences recorded by the automated control and penalty system (contrôles et sanctions automatisés - CSA) and handles challenges.
For road use information, the UPR takes part in road safety and education campaigns in schools.


The four regional traffic police units (SRPR) provide traffic services at regional level (traffic flow and setting up road diversions, particularly in the case of accidents).

The SRPR also combat dangerous road use by conducting prevention and enforcement patrols and checks. They provide traffic and escort services for major events and also manage the regional vehicle pound.

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