National road safety campaign "Wanterzäit 2021"

As part of its overall road safety strategy, the Grand Ducal Police will focus on good visibility and the technical condition of vehicles during the "Wanterzäit 2021" campaign.

Indeed, for the safety of all road users, these two aspects play an essential role, especially in this dark season with fog, rain, cold conditions and reduced visibility.

On the one hand, increased vigilance is therefore required from both drivers and pedestrians, as poor visibility is a major factor in accidents for all types of users.

On the other hand, cold, frost and reduced luminosity can complicate traffic conditions. In view of the bad weather conditions, it is therefore important to make sure that your vehicle is in good technical condition, e.g. tyres and lighting.

The primary aim of the campaign is to improve road safety, to make road users aware of the dangers and to protect the most vulnerable road users.

At the operational level, the national road safety campaign "Wanterzäit 2021" will involve nationwide controls from the week of 18 October until the end of December 2021, with a preventive phase regarding the technical condition of vehicles from 18 to 31 October 2021.

In case of non-functioning vehicle lighting, the driver will not be automatically fined during the preventive phase, but will be given 3 days to bring the vehicle into compliance with the legislation. The driver must report to a police unit after remedying the defects. Failure to do so will result in a taxed warning or a report being issued.

Police advice :

  • See and be seen: in terms of general road safety, it is fundamental that drivers on the one hand are vigilant and make sure they can see what is going on around them, including checking that the lights are working and that the windows are clear. On the other hand, as a pedestrian, runner or cyclist, it is important to be visible to other road users, even from a certain distance.
  • Technical condition of vehicles: Vehicles must be in perfect technical condition. Depending on the weather, tyres must be adjusted and a clear field of vision must be guaranteed.
  • Safety distance and driving style: A sufficient distance to the vehicle in front and a driving style adapted to the weather conditions and the respect of speed limits are also essential.

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