Results of the road safety campaign "Wanterzäit 2021"

As part of its overall road safety strategy, the Grand Ducal Police carried out specific controls between mid-October and the end of December concerning the good visibility and the good technical condition of vehicles.

In total, 645 traffic fines were issued as part of this road safety campaign.

84 of the fines issued concerned tyre irregularities (e.g. insufficient grooves, different tyre types). In 68 cases, problems with the load and in 14 cases technical defects were found.

More than 300 taxed warnings were issued for non-compliance or non-use of lighting (number plates, main beam, dipped beam and red lights).

In 70 of the cases, the cars were equipped with non-regulated or non-authorised number plates or with plates that were not readable or not properly attached.

52 tax warnings were issued because the drivers were not able to present the safety equipment required by the traffic regulations, such as the warning triangle or the safety waistcoat. About 50 drivers were also fined because of a reduced field of vision or irregularities in the vehicles' windows.

480 warning reports issued

In addition to the above-mentioned taxed warnings, 480 warnings were issued during the preventive phase of the campaign (see news of 19.10.2021), of which around 150 were related to lighting defects. 

This means that drivers were not automatically fined for non-compliance, but were given three days to bring their vehicles into line with the legislation. The offenders were then required to present themselves to a police unit after the defects had been rectified. 

Continued efforts of the Police in road safety

For the safety of all road users, good visibility and the technical condition of vehicles are of paramount importance, especially in the dark season with fog, rain, cold and reduced visibility. The police will therefore continue to carry out such checks as part of their daily preventive work. 

In this respect, we would like to draw the attention of all road users once again to the most important preventive tips:

  • See and be seen: in terms of general road safety, it is fundamental that drivers on the one hand are vigilant and make sure they can see what is going on around them, including checking that the lights are working and that the windows are clear. On the other hand, as a pedestrian, runner or cyclist, it is important to be visible to other road users, even from a certain distance.
  • Technical condition of vehicles: Vehicles must be in perfect technical condition. Depending on the weather, tyres must be adjusted and a clear field of vision must be guaranteed.
  • Safety distance and driving style: A sufficient distance to the vehicle in front and a driving style adapted to the weather conditions and the respect of speed limits are also essential.

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