Registering for the "lost children" service at the Fouer

"Lost children" service at the Schueberfouer - a free service offered to the public by the Police

Registration for the "Lost children" Police prevention service is now open.

This service is designed for parents and families, as well as nurseries, daycare centres or other organisations intending to visit the fair with children.

People responsible for one or more children can register the children in advance by filling in a form, available exclusively through the e-Police Station. Then when they visit the Schueberfouer, they can go to the on-site police station to pick up a sticker indicating the name of the child, the police station telephone number and a code, which police officers can use to trace the child's guardian. This enables officers who find a lost child to identify them quickly and locate the person responsible for them. It also means that people who find a lost child have the contact number of the police station at the fair, so they can contact the Schueberfouer security officers directly.

Registration is valid for the duration of the fair; children must be registered in advance using the forms below, via the e-Police Station.

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