Holiday safety

When you are away for a long period, the risk of burglary increases: the blinds are closed, the bins are empty, the letter box is full and the lights are off all the time. The house looks deserted and is therefore an easy target for burglars.

To avoid coming home to a nasty surprise after your holiday, the Police recommend certain preventative measures.

Before you go on holiday, always remember to:

  • Close your windows and doors securely. If your windows or sliding doors are fitted with locks, do not leave the key in the lock.
  • Lock your garage and basement doors too.
  • Activate your alarm system.
  • Tell your neighbours that you will be away for a long period so they are aware if they notice anything suspicious.
  • Inform the Police when you go on holiday by registering with the free "Going on holiday" service.

Further recommendations

  • Ask your post office to keep hold of your post, or have it redirected to another address.
  • Do not draw attention to the fact that you are going away for a long period by mentioning it on your answerphone or on social media.
  • Pass on your holiday address, the key to your house and, if necessary, the code for your alarm system to someone you trust.
  • Do not keep cash and valuables in your home.
Departure on holiday

Many people share their photos on social media while on holiday. Burglars can use this information, however. It is a clear indication that your home is unoccupied. Also, if your address features in your profile or there are photos of the house, it is easy to find out where it is.

The Police "Going on holiday" crime prevention service

When you go on holiday, tell the Police via the e-Police Station. Our officers will include your home in their spot crime prevention patrols as part of the general monitoring of the area, day or night. This public service is free of charge.

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