Riding in groups

Motorcycle group riding brings a few more risks than individual outings, so certain extra precautions are necessary on the part of all members of the group:

The group lead:

  • All group rides are led by a lead rider, who takes control and must not be overtaken.
  • The group lead is responsible for the ride (route, speed, stops).
  • The least experienced rider or the weakest motorcyclist goes in second position behind the lead.
  • Stops and U-turns are only undertaken by the lead in places where there is enough room for the entire group without interfering with the traffic.

The sweep:

  • The sweep rides at the back of the group.
  • They never overtake another member of the group.
  • They should not be the slowest in the group and must be an experienced rider.
  • Like the lead, they must know the route, the stops and the destination.

The group members:

  • Each member of the group rides at their own level of experience.
  • If the speed is too fast and you feel under pressure, tell the lead.
  • On straight sections of road, the group should ride in staggered formation and at a safe distance, but not too spaced out.
  • Do not overtake within the group during the ride. 
  • Each rider must wait for the rider behind them if they have become detached from the group.
  • Overtaking must be done quickly and once you have passed the vehicle you are overtaking, you should immediately pull in to the right to leave the way clear for other bikers to overtake as well.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour during the ride.
  • Signal all changes of direction in good time and reduce your speed in good time, as you do when you arrive in a built-up area.
  • Pull closer together when riding through towns and villages.
  • Stop side by side at junctions, traffic lights and stop signs.
  • Leave spaces when the group has been separated by cars.

In an emergency:

  • Stop without obstructing the traffic.
  • Each rider should stop a few metres from the rider in front on the right-hand side of the road.

Only one member of the group should make a U-turn.

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