Violent theft

Although there is no zero risk, it can be useful to follow some advice to better prevent possible violent assaults or threats and to know how to react in a reasonable way if such a situation cannot be avoided.

Be aware of your surroundings:

  • Avoid sensitive and less frequented places.
  • Let someone accompany you when you are out in the evening or at night in order to reduce the risk of a robbery.
  • Inform a trusted person if you are out alone in the evening.
  • Keep your mobile phone within reach.

If an attack or threat against you is unavoidable:

  • Try to remain calm.
  • Do not let yourself be provoked and try to have a de-escalating effect on the situation.
  • Do not confront the attacker physically, but confront him firmly and abruptly verbally.
  • If you can escape the situation without putting yourself in danger, do so, even if it means handing over your valuables to the thieves. Material items are not worth the risk of being robbed.
  • Use whistles or another device that makes noise to scare off potential attackers. This way you can benefit from the surprise effect and make others aware of your situation. 
  • Ask people around to help by addressing them directly ("You with the blue coat, call the Police!").

You have been the victim of theft with violence or threats:

  • Call the police emergency number 113 immediately and answer the questions of the interlocutor, trying to be as accurate, clear and complete as possible. 
  • Try to remember the description of the attacker (clothing, distinctive signs, physical build), the objects he or she touched, the direction of escape and the means of escape (vehicle, make, model, number plate, colour ...) and report this to the Police.
  • If you have the opportunity, contact possible witnesses and ask for their contact details. The information provided by possible witnesses is valuable and important for the police investigation.
  • File a report if you have been a victim and be available to give evidence to the Police if you have been a witness.

In case of threats, danger or other emergencies, the emergency number 113 is available to the public. 


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