Civil investigator

Several times a year, the Police also recruits civilian investigators, mainly in the field of economic and financial crime, where they are mainly involved in cases of fraudulent bankruptcy, forgery, embezzlement, fraud, money laundering and aggravated tax evasion.

These specialised employees bring a certain amount of professional experience in the financial sector so that they can later assist the investigators who have emerged from the career of the police service's criminal police cadre. After being recruited, these new investigators will attend internal training courses for around a year to prepare them properly for their new tasks.

In addition to tasks such as analysing and evaluating documents, objects and investigative material, the work of civilian investigators also includes searches, seizures, questioning and interrogation of persons who may have been involved in a criminal offence.

In addition, civilian investigators work as a team with the other members and experts of the Eco/Fin department within the criminal investigation department and are in constant contact with the judicial authorities.  

In this context, it should be mentioned that the Police also offers students the opportunity to complete an internship in the Economic and Financial Crime Divisions of the Criminal Investigation Department during their Master's programme. 

Like all civilian vacancies, the vacancies are published on our website and interested candidates can then apply for the position via the platform.

Steven / Civil investigator for financial crime

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