Central directorate for strategy and performance

formation des agents de police, deux personnes

The Central directorate for strategy and performance (Direction centrale "strategie et performance" - DCSP) is the conceptual body for developing and implementing the Police vision and is responsible for defining and monitoring performance and quality criteria. In 2016, the Police developed a vision to help guide the reform process and the future development of the service. From this vision emerged the slogan "ZESUMME FIR IECH" (TOGETHER FOR YOU).

The main tasks of the DCSP are to:

  • support the vision of the Police and ensure the strategic alignment of the different departments with the overall vision;
  • guarantee the operational quality of the Police departments, the work of the officers and the service given to the public, in collaboration with the other directorates while ensuring continuous improvement;
  • optimise the handling of data and processing of information (business intelligence) using the appropriate management tools;
  • enhance operations through project management.

The following services come under the DCSP:

  • "Strategic planning and monitoring" is responsible for the deployment of the general strategy and the setting and allocation of the strategic and operational targets. It ensures that the Police evolves to face the challenges and changes in society.
  • "Organisation and improvement" is responsible for internal quality as well as internal verification. It is responsible for the management of cross-cutting projects and for providing the required resources.
  • "Information processing" is tasked with optimising data and information processing (business intelligence).
  • The ICT strategy unit is responsible for the alignment of the IT system with the strategy defined by the DCSP, assessing and optimising its performance and output while identifying and controlling the corresponding operational risk (anticipation and pragmatic handling of future developments).

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