International relations department

4 agents du CCPD - Allemagne, Belgique, France et Luxembourg

The International relations department is the central point of contact for cross-border police cooperation. Its main roles are as follows:

  • exchange of police information in the context of bilateral and international relations;
  • management and monitoring of national and international reporting;
  • coordination and monitoring of subjects within the remit of European and international institutions;
  • management of various information systems.

It provides the national coordination body for Europol, the Luxembourg liaison officer for Europol, and Interpol, and for matters relating to JHA, Prüm, SIRENE, SIS/Sirene, FRONTEX and the CCPD.

Centre for police and customs cooperation (CCPD)

In March 2003, the Centre for police and customs cooperation (Centre de coopération policière et douanière - CCPD) was set up in Luxembourg.

It was created as a result of a quadrilateral agreement between Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. Police and customs officers from the neighbouring countries are represented alongside Luxembourgish officers.

It is mainly concerned with the exchange of police information originating from the cross-border region and between police units.

In 2019, the Luxembourg office of the CCPD recorded 7,555 requests from other authorities (Police, public prosecutor's office, Customs and Excise Agency, district courts). In return, the Luxembourg office provided 8,348 responses to international colleagues.

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