Missions of police stations and departments

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The essential aim of police departments is to provide the following, throughout the territory of the region:

  • availability during police-station operating hours;
  • rapid intervention appropriate to the degree of urgency;
  • a visible presence for prevention and security;
  • neighbourhood policing duties.

Specifically, police stations and departments:

  • ensure that national and local regulations are observed;
  • carry out patrols;
  • organise checks;
  • initiate and participate in searches;
  • provide supervision for local events;
  • provide contact with local authorities.

Officers may also carry out criminal investigations, i.e. record and handle complaints, initiate and pursue inquiries, handle court processes.

Police stations carry out administrative enquiries at the request of the relevant ministries and authorities (driving licences, all-night events, etc.).

Police stations carry out traffic policing duties, where applicable in collaboration with the SRPR/UPR traffic units, on public roads within their territory. These missions contribute to national and local policing goals with regard to: road checks, traffic control centres, etc.

Police stations and departments endeavour to work in close cooperation and build special partnerships with local administrative authorities as part of local crime prevention committees.

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