K9 unit

policier "maître-chien" avec son chien

The dog unit (K9) supports police officers and investigators in their work. The dog unit handlers and their dogs

  • accompany police officers on patrol in their general surveillance duties;
  • take part in security searches during official events;
  • assist police officers with dangerous arrests and on-the-spot searches for perpetrators of crimes and offences;
  • assist criminal investigation units in cases of arson (identifying accelerants), and searches for explosives or illegal drugs;
  • take part in policing and law enforcement actions.

Each dog is able to perform various tasks and is specially trained in one or more of the following categories:

  • defence;
  • tracking;
  • searches for illegal drugs and explosives;
  • fire accelerant detection,
  • searches for banknotes.

The Police currently have a dog unit comprising 18 dog-handlers and 18 dogs, mainly of the Malinois breed. The Police provide the handlers with their dogs. The dog lives with its handler in the family home.

Within the Police organisation, the dog unit is part of the Surveillance and operational support unit (Unité de garde et d'appui opérationnel - UGAO).

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