Compressed gas- or air-propelled weapons

This is the term used to denote pistols, revolvers, rifles or other compressed gas- or air-propelled weapons, such as:

  • weapons used for paintballing or gotcha;
  • airsoft weapons (pellet weapons).

Possessing and carrying weapons

Possessing and carrying non-firearm weapons are subject to different rules depending on their shot power:

  • ≤ 0.5 joule: these weapons are permitted and do not require a licence;
  • > 0.5 joule and ≤ 7.5 joules: these weapons do not require a licence, but can only be owned for private purposes by people of legal age; 
  • > 7.5 joules: these weapons require a ministerial licence.


They can be transported in public without a licence by people who can prove:

  • That they are a member of a shooting club.
  • That they are on the most direct route between their home and a gunsmith/firearms shop or the home of another person of legal age (purchase, sale, repair, etc. of the weapon), or a shooting range or shooting competition venue.

All other routes require a licence. Commercial/business transactions with such weapons may only be carried out by gunsmiths and firearms dealers.

During transport, each weapon (modern or antique firearm or non-firearm) must be unloaded and packaged so there is no indication it is a weapon.

Licences for minors

Minors (< 18 years) may be granted a licence to participate in hunting or shooting for sport. However, the following conditions are set out by law:

  • minimum age of 11 years for non-firearm weapons (shooting for sport);
  • minimum age of 16 years for firearms (shooting for sport and hunting);
  • written permission from their father or mother (parental authority);
  • licences to purchase are not granted to minors.

Under these conditions, minors may participate in shooting for sport/hunting in the presence and under the responsibility of:

  • their father or mother (parental authority), or
  • a person of legal age who has held the same type of licence to carry weapons as the minor (shooting for sport or hunting) for at least 2 years.

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