Police controls

Traffic controls are part of the Police's arsenal of road safety measures. Their controls are therefore carried out at known accident spots and at times when the risk of accidents is high.

The Police use two different types of controls: conventional controls carried out by police officers in person and automated controls (fixed and mobile).

For automatic speed enforcement (ASE), three systems are currently in use:

  • a fixed roadside speed camera system;
  • a mobile speed camera system for use on sections of the road network not covered by fixed cameras;
  • an average speed control system on the N11 between Waldhof and Gonderange and in the Markusberg tunnel (A13). Three further route radar systems in the Stafelter, Grouft and Gousselerbierg tunnels on the A7 are in the test phase.
  • four red light radar systems at the Place de l'Étoile in Luxembourg City as well as in Hollerich at the intersection of the route d'Esch with the Boulevard Dr. Charles Marx, at the Boulevard Dr. Charles Marx and at the intersection of the "Pénétrante" towards the A4 with the Boulevard Pierre Dupong at the level of the Lycée Aline Mayrisch. 

The aim of ASE is to identify and record speeding offences without intercepting vehicles.

Announced speed controls

In the interests of better road road accident prevention and to raise awareness among road users, the Police publicise certain speed controls in advance.

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