Emergency corridors

To ensure the emergency services can access an accident, an emergency corridor is compulsory in Luxembourg. Generally, at the first signs that a traffic queue is forming, cars must keep an emergency corridor clear between the lanes of traffic.

  • On a two-lane motorway: vehicles in the left-hand lane must keep to the left side of their lane and cars in the right-hand land must keep to the right, even if they have to encroach on the hard shoulder.
  • On motorways with more than two lanes: drivers in the left-hand lane must keep to the left, all the others must keep to the right. 

The emergency corridor may only be used by emergency and recovery vehicles driving with their flashing lights or sirens on: emergency and rescue services, the fire brigade, the Police, breakdown and towing vehicles and National Roads Administration (Administration des ponts et chaussées, APC) vehicles arriving to secure the scene and clear the roads. 

Failure to keep the emergency corridor clear is liable to a €145 fine and the loss of two 2 driving licence points. On roads other than motorways, the fine is €74.


How to form an emergency corridor

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