K.O. drops

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) is a substance that is banned in Luxembourg and is mainly known as a knockout drop. In this context, offenders usually select their victims at parties or while going out and put a few drops of the prohibited substance unnoticed into their drink. This can lead to unconsciousness of the victim. In the worst case, the victims' defencelessness can be exploited by the perpetrators to commit further crimes.

Preventive tips to protect yourself and others:

  • Only ever order and accept drinks yourself;
  • Do not accept open drinks from others;
  • Do not leave your drinks unattended;
  • In general, always be attentive;
  • Pay attention to your friends and companions;
  • Extreme caution should be exercised if one of these people suddenly becomes unwell and strangers try to get them out of the room;
  • Help and intervene if friends exhibit unusual behaviour (nausea, dizziness and sudden tiredness).

GHB can only be detected in victims' bodies for a very short period of time (often only a few hours). For this reason, it is extremely important that persons who suspect that they have been victims of knockout drops should report it to the Police as soon as possible. 

In the event of an emergency, medical assistance should be called to the victim as soon as possible (112) and the event staff should also be informed. In emergency situations, the Police's emergency number 113 is always available.


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