Self-assertion course

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The "self-assertion" programme has already existed for a number of years in Luxembourg. It is based on an approach that involves protecting yourself against violence by adopting a self-assertive attitude.

Violence can occur in the family, between spouses, at work, at school and in the street. Various studies have shown that the majority of the population see crime as a serious personal threat, which leads to a high feeling of insecurity. This fear leads to a loss of quality of life.

The aim of this project is to show people how to respond to violence. It is not about combating violence with violence, but about recognising dangerous situations, knowing how to assess them and how best to respond, reinforcing self-assurance and a sense of security, both objectively and subjectively, and thereby increasing quality of life.

Self-assertion gives you a better chance of pre-empting or overcoming an attack and avoiding physical harm. If you show a certain degree of self-assurance and act accordingly, you will have a better chance of not becoming a victim.

This free course is aimed at citizens aged 16 and over and includes classes on:

  • Behavioural prevention,
  • De-escalation training,
  • Self-defence and/or Krav Maga sessions,
  • Bullying,
  • Victim support,
  • The internet,

The project is run by the Police with a number of partners: Bee Secure, Riicht Eraus, Mobbing asbl, VISAVI and the Victim support service (Service d’aide aux victimes - SAV).

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