Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

The fight against drugs and drug abuse is a Police priority. Not only the sale of drugs, but also the possession and consumption of prohibited substances, or failure to comply with the legal provisions regarding cannabis, are punishable by law. In addition to the penalties for drug offences, use of illegal drugs has harmful consequences on the psychological and physical health of users.

The Police run a number of drug prevention programmes. Generally these programmes are directed at children in the final year of primary school and certain year groups at secondary school.

They address the effects, risks and the legal framework around legal drugs (tobacco, alcohol) and illegal drugs (cannabis, etc.). The programmes also address drug addiction, including the possible causes, consequences and possibilities for overcoming it. In addition, they look at the legal framework applicable to drugs.

The Police prevention service also offers a programme directed at parents, teachers and associations. Here, the idea is to provide adults with the help they need to take appropriate action if confronted with these problems in young people. 

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