Airport police unit (UPA)

policier devant commissariat à l’aéroport, passagère en avant plan

A permanent police presence is maintained at Luxembourg International Airport (Findel).

The Airport police unit (Unité de la police de l'aéroport- UPA) is responsible for general security at the airport and for border control (prevention of illegal and irregular immigration). It checks passengers' travel documents on departure and arrival for "non-Schengen" countries and conducts thorough checks on suspicious travellers.

It also systematically investigates all incidents and accidents occurring at Findel airport or involving an aircraft belonging to a company under Luxembourg law, wherever the accident occurs ("air police").

The Airport police unit includes a specialist document examination service. This service checks the authenticity of travel or identification documents (or driving licences), acting for all Police units.

This unit's missions also include surveillance of the airport territory and security zones, searches and filtering, and checks on private security personnel for issuing airport travel passes.

In general, the UPA provides a permanent police presence at the airport and coordinates the missions of the Police and the Customs and Excise Agency at the airport. It maintains contact with the airport police and border police units in other countries.

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